"You need to listen to your body because your body is listening to you"

Booking Process


  • Select a service and then choose a duration for your appointment.


  • The system will show you the next available dates and times which might not be today. 


  • Please don’t book appointments for other people, the booking process is personalized.


Payment options


  • I recommend Pre-paying online so that your experience is smooth, Plus you will get to remains in you calm and relaxed state upon your exit.


  • You can also pay in person at the time of your appointment, We accept cash & card.


  • Payments for massage packages and gift cards should be made online.


After booking


  • You will receive a confirmation email as well as an intake form.


  • Your confirmation email will have all the details for your appointment. Please double check it.


  • The intake form MUST BE FILLED OUT before your first visit. This step is very important. 

Please double check that the details you selected and provided are correct

Exuberance Orthopedic Massage & Wellness 


478 Torrey st #5


Brockton MA 02302